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Hadrian's Wall Tour

Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall: One & Two-Day Tours

One-Day Tour (Suggested Itinerary): Local pick-up & travel to Hadrian’s Wall to visit:
  • Roman Army Museum:  Experience daily life on the front line of Rome's British frontier.
  • Vindolanda:  Excavated outpost fort & civilian settlement (civis) behind the Wall.
  • Lunch period.
  • Walltown Crags:  Well-preserved section of the Wall set amid spectacular countryside.
  • Milecastle 39:  Set one Roman mile apart, there were 80 such fortlets along the Wall.  
Depart from Hadrian’s Wall & return to drop-off point(s).

Two-Day Tour (Suggested Itinerary): If you would like to extend your tour, we suggest the following:
  • Day One:  Visits as above to Roman Army Museum & Vindolanda, Hadrian's Wall near Walltown Crags, Milecastle 39 near Steel Rigg.
  • Overnight 3* star B&B accommodation in Hexham. Twin rooms with en-suite facilities.
  • An evening meal can be added to your stay if required.
  • Day Two:  Depart after breakfast for a morning visit to Arbeia Roman Fort: Reconstructed West Gate, Commanding Officer's Quarters & barracks.
  • Opportunity for lunch before departure.
Afternoon departure from Hadrian's Wall & return to drop-off point(s). Additional visit(s) can be added in the afternoon if time permits or you don't mind a late evening return. 
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