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UK Heritage Tours

UK Heritage Tours - Group Travel

Our UK Heritage Tours explore the legacy of Britains' military, industrial & literary past from the Roman Conquest to the 20th century & encounter people, places & ideas that shaped history.  All tours include 3* or 4* B&B hotel (or add evening meals). We are happy to tailor your tour or create a bespoke trip for your group.

Hadrian's Wall:  One / Two Days

Visit Vindolanda & the Roman Army Museum as well as forts & milecastles along Rome's northern frontier. Discover how the Wall worked & the life of those who manned it.        
Tour Details
1 day from £59; 2 days from £135

Battle of Hastings:  One / Two Days

William the Conqueror's victory at Hastings marked the end of Anglo-Saxon England. Walk the battlefield & find out how the Saxon shield wall succumbed to the Norman knights.     
Tour Details
1 day from £59; 2 days from £145

Castles of North Wales:  One / Two Days

The Iron Ring of castles built by Edward I was the most ambitious engineering project of the age. Conwy, Harlech, Caernarfon & Beaumaris are a lasting legacy of royal power.    
Tour Details
1 day from £55; 2 days from £135

Shakespeare's Stratford:  One / Two Days

Explore Shakespeare's life & times visiting his birthplace, Mary Arden's House & his grave in Holy Trinity Church. Include a performance at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.   
Tour Details
1 day from £59; 2 days from £165
The Ironbridge

Ironbridge:  One / Two Days

The world's first iron bridge, spanning the Severn Valley, was built by Abraham Darby III in 1779 near his ironworks at Coalbrookdale.  
Tour Details
1 day from £69; 2 days from £139

The World of Jane Austen:  One / Two Days

Discover the social context in which Jane Austen lived & worked with visits to locations in Bath & Hampshire associated with her life.  
Tour Details
1 day from £65; 2 days from £155

Portsmouth Dockyard:  One / Two Days

The Mary Rose, HMS Victory & HMS Warrior are Britain's most iconic warships. Explore naval heritage from Henry VIII's flagship to Victoria's so-called Black Battle Fleet & beyond.
Tour Details
1 day from £75; 2 days from £139
U-534 at the U-boat Story in Birkenhead

Battle of the Atlantic:  One / Two Days

More than a 1000 convoys arrived in Liverpool during WWII & the Battle of the Atlantic was co-ordinated from Western Approaches Command based in the city.  
Tour Details
1 day from £59; 2 days from £129
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