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First World War Poetry Tours

First World War Poetry Tours - Group Travel

Our guided tours for group travel places the poetry of the First World War, in situ, on the battlefields & explore changing attitudes & values in the face of an epic struggle, fought in appalling conditions, which resulted in huge sacrifice. All tours include 3* or 4* B&B hotel (or add evening meals). We can tailor your tour or create a bespoke trip for your group.

Wilfred Owen at War:  Four Days

Follow Wilfred Owen's military career from the Somme in 1917 to the Sambre-Oise Canal. Discover the people, places & events that inspired his work & influenced his poetry.
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Prices from £289

Soldier Poets of WWI: Four Days

Visit the battlefields of Ypres, the Somme & Vimy Ridge & find out how attitudes to the war were reflected in the changing tone, style & subject matter of the poetry that was produced. 
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Prices from £289
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