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Galina International, 16 Bridge Street Row,
ter, CH1 1NQ

Providing Group travel since 1989



Galina only use coach companies that share our vision of what tours should deliver in terms of quality and reliability. All coaches chosen by us are front line vehicles less than five years old - in many cases only two or three years old.
We use 49-seater full executive coaches for groups of more than 25. For smaller groups numbering 25 or less, we use mid-sized coaches to help keep the price of your tour within reasonable limits. You can, of course, request a full-sized coach even if you group is less than , but this will obviously have an impact on the price of the tour.
Full Executive Coaches: On-Board Facilities 
  • 49 reclining seats with seat-belts
  • Air-conditioning or forced-air ventilation
  • DVD player & microphone
Midi-Coaches: On-Board Facilities
  • 29-31 reclining seats with seat-belts
  • Air-conditioning or forced-air ventilation

  • Continental safety door
  • Courier seat
  • WC

  • DVD player
  • Courier seat
Safety Management
All providers we use frequently (i.e. more than 5 times per year) will be subject to a full on-site inspection by a trained member of our staff. Other operators that we use less frequently, will be required to provide evidence of the following documentation.
  • Operating Licence
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • We also check membership of professional bodies such as theConfederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) or Guild of British Coach Operators.
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