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About Us: Galina Group Tours

Galina is an independent family-run business. The company was founded in 1989 by my brother  Dr Barry Matthews who is a former English teacher & Head of Faculty. Three years later, I  joined the business. My background is also in education as a Head of History in a Liverpool secondary school. Initially based in Hull, the company moved to Chester in 1999 & has been here ever since. We grew up in this area so you could say we have come home.

We began by organising tours for veterans & other interested groups to the battlefields of France, Belgium & the Netherlands. Not surprisingly, given our backgrounds, we also arranged study tours for schools & colleges, first for History & English departments & then across the curriculum. That's where the idea for Galina Group Tours originated. We realised that we were visiting some really interesting places with schools that would have a wider appeal for groups as well.

Our intention is to make our tours enjoyable but also informative, thought-provoking & stimulating; not simply a collection of facts or amusing anecdotes but something with real substance behind them delivered by guides who know what they are talking about. So, the next time you want to go to London or Paris, Amsterdam or the battlefields, Snowdonia or Dorset, do something different with us.

During more than 25 years in travel, we have seen some good companies establish reputations that are well-deserved and we have seen others who arrive on the scene, claim to be experts, market leaders or set the benchmark for the industry - and then they're gone. You won't get that from us. We will work with you, honestly and ethically, to give you the tour you want. 

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